5 things to keep employees safe after COVID-19 lockdown ends

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The WHO posted a detailed document on getting your workspace ready after the coronavirus lockdown ends. View article here

Once the lockdown ends, it will move us into the caution phase, where strict measures will have to be taken to ensure employee safety.

How long will be the post lockdown caution phase?

It is expected that once the lockdown ends, some form of caution & social distancing will continue for upto two years. This would be essential to ensure that the virus does not come back in a second phase.

Under such circumstances, it will be crucial to ensure employees feel safe to come to work.

Here are a few suggestions we have to ensure your workspace is ready after the lockdown:

1. Social Distancing – 6 Feet distance

This is a no brainer, but it will be crucial for offices to ensure that social distancing is maintained. This will be easier in the earlier days, but as the days pass, human behaviour will take over and it will be the responsibility of the organising that social distancing is ensured, employees are maintaining sufficient distance & no large groups are formed. There has to be a constant check on the same.

2. Wearing masks all times

Since COVID-19 can spread though the droplets of infected fluids, the government has made it mandatory to wear masks at all times. If the employees remove the masks it will be hazardous for them as well as everyone around them. The management will have to find ways to ensure that the masks are worn at all times.

3. Periodic Cleaning & Sanitisation

The coronavirus can stay on surfaces for 3-10 days. Under such situations, it will absolutely necessary to ensure that all the doors, knobs and most surfaces are regularly cleaned via the staff using appropriate sanitisation equipment. A track has to be ensured that this happens every few hours.

4. Contactless entry

It is time to say goodbye to fingerprint scanners for some time now. Contactless entry would be key to avoid spreading of the germs. Facial recognition based entry may take precedence, since it does not involve any touch.

5. Occupancy limits in open areas like the cafeteria

Having congested meeting rooms or cafeterias can put the employees to risk, as it increases the chances of social distancing not followed. Strict controls & checks will have to be put on the occupancy limits of these areas to ensure only limited employees are present at any given time.


Steps to ensure the above is followed:

  1. Every organisation will have to assign a special task force to ensure that the above requirements are met at all times.
  2. Employee training would be crucial for imparting the guidelines.
  3. Tools & technologies that can provide checks & solutions for the same must be used.

We have put down our solution for ensuring social distancing, contactless entry, tracking masks, occupancy, periodic cleaning & more.

Glimpse Analytics – Ensuring Social Distancing at offices using your existing CCTV cameras


Glimpse Analytics has come up with a product that can help you to monitor and maintain social distancing at your office premises on a real-time basis.

Our one edge device connects to all your existing cctv cameras to analyse social distancing using computer vision. All the processing happens at your office & no video is uploaded ensuring 100% privacy & security.

We have a whole range of solutions to help you with this. 

  1. Live Area Occupancy Count: The solution provides with the real-time occupancy count of all the social spaces such as meeting rooms, cafeteria & others. 
  2. Mask Detection: The solution gives a trigger if the employee is not following the protocol of wearing a mask.
  3. Contactless Entry: The solution provides employee attendance & allows entry exit on premises using facial recognition. No need to tap on the fingerprint scanners now. 
  4. Social Distancing Check: A 6ft distance is safest between employees. The solution notifies if the distance is not maintained properly.
  5. Cleaning Check: The solution keeps track of the housekeeping staff, on whether they are sanitising the whole premises regularly or not and provides a report for the same.


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2 thoughts on “5 things to keep employees safe after COVID-19 lockdown ends”

  1. What about teaveling to office in a crowded trains, buses?
    What about few jobs which requires helpers where social distances not possible

  2. For those cases, we can put rules.
    For e.g. Only if more than 5 people are in a group, for more than 10-15 seconds, then it is an issue, otherwise not.

    About the train & buses, the government is taking appropriate actions to ensure social distancing is ensured.

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