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Heatmap – Benefits and Applications


Shopper journey always has been most important to a physical retail store owner. Store layout is been changed by retailer every few months. These decisions of layout changes right now are purely made on sales data and experience of store sales associates. To revolutionised these reliablity of data point in order to gain maximum revenue, glimpse provides heatmap analytics solution.

Heatmap analytics solution uses you existing CCTV camera setup to analyse these data points, which in turn helps you to take best possible decisions to set your store layout. These heatmaps are created by mapping shopper journey tracked by CCTV cameras across the retail store. It uses different colors to show concentrated versus non-concentrated areas.

  • Marketing Advantages: Heatmaps can be used by marketing team to analyse and pick store sections according to shopper concentrations for run their marketing campaigns.
  • Store Operations Advantages: It also can be used by store operation team to make decision on staff placement as well as product placement. Also can be used by the store owner to understand his shopper and shopper path.
  • Know Hot-Cold Areas: Heatmap analytics gives access to understand hot and cold areas of the store. Hot areas are areas where shopper spend their most time where as cold areas are where very little time is spent of shopper. Using this information from heatmap, store operation team can use different merchandising techniques to balance the shopper time spent to different areas as well as divert some amount of traffic towards the cold areas and reduce congestion in hot areas.
  • Track Progress: With being immense help in store operations and marketing efforts, it also helps tracking the progress of changes made to different areas of store. It heavily helps to do alpa-beta testing over product placements and marketing campaigns, the conclusions of new experiment in store layout can be drawn within just a few days.

Heatmap analytics solution is one of the finest and integral part of retail store. Insights can be drawn from heatmaps to help every department handling the store to succeed. If you are looking for your retail store get a great boost for in-store operations, marketing as well as merchandising, contact us to get it up and running within a day span.

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