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Make more profits with Customer Notifier

One of the wide-cited advantage of online stores over retail stores is that business owners can receive user activity notifications either via a text message or via email. Applications can send the notifications when a new customer creates an account, when a returning customer visits the online shopping website, and other notifications related to purchases and customer interactions with the shopping site. Advanced technology in the millennia helps bridge this gap with recent developments that notify owners of retail businesses about their customers’ information and activities in retail stores. Today, retailers can also receive customer notifications to help them in their decision making processes, improving the experiences of the shoppers, and reworking on their marketing strategies to boost their revenues.

Here is what customer notifications can do for your business:

Gain instant access to your customer’s status

Customer notifications will provide you with key details on the status of your customer. Some of the important insights will include whether your customer is new or returning. You can also get information about the gender of your customer, the history of their activities in the store. You can use this information to connect your marketing and sales department with your current and prospective customers.

Identify and address customer challenges

With customer notifications, you can get all information about customers to identify those who had issues with your store in the past. This way, you can advise your customer service personnel to exercise more care as they handle these types of customers whenever they are shopping within their store. It may be advantageous and the customer will feel the service is improving and will be more loyal.

Make stock decisions

Observing trends from customers’ notifications can help you in finding out times particular segments of customers visit the store and their purchasing patterns. Such information will help you in deciding on the kinds of products to stock for the targeted customers.

Decide on in-store messaging

Customer notifications will help you group customers and do appropriate in-store message targeting. In-store messaging is more profitable when the retailer runs messages relevant to customers in a store at a given time.

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