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5 Key benefits of using In-store messaging in retail business


In-store messaging (marketing) is one of the best ways successful retailers use to reach their customers when they are within the business premises. As a result of which customers are driven to purchase.

It is easy to reinforce a brand, influence, and direct the attention of customers using in-store messaging.

Businesses that embrace in-store marketing have higher chances of providing the most appealing shopping environment to their customers and in turn improve their services and boost sales.

Facts Don’t Lie

More than 80% of shoppers who visit retail stores make unintended purchases when they are within the store, another more than 80% of shoppers acknowledge that in-store messaging (marketing) influences their purchases. Over 70% of shoppers appreciate the significance of in-store marketing like audio promotions in their shopping experiences. On average, over 65% shoppers spend 30 or more minutes whenever they visit a retail store. Could retailers have such key statistics and a way to target such customers, they would definitely boost their brand identity. They would also be in a position to target their customers with relevant sales messages whenever they visit or revisit the stores.

Would you like to increase your sales? Read on and discover 5 key benefits of in-store messaging to your retail business.

1. Improve employee activity and boost their morale

Remember your employees matter. They are the brand ambassadors of your business. Keep them ahead with useful information and let them reinforce the in-store promotional messages to your customers.

2. Enhance your brand identity

Make it easier for your customers to recognize your brand; maintain consistency. Tailor your in-store messaging to harmonize your marketing strategies to give customers the ultimate shopping experience.

3. Run sales promotions

Utilize end of year sales and limited-time offers running events as well as special sales promotions to attract or retain your customers. Custom overhead messaging should be your top priority.

4. Let your customers know about new arrivals

Your customers want information about new products. Feed them with information on new inventories. This can drive them to purchase them while they are in your store. Promote new products, inform your customers about all relevant details about the new products.

5. Control the purchase decisions of your customers

With in-store promotions leading to 16% of unintended purchases, you can use overhead messaging to win a purchase from your customers.

Tell your customers about a unique item, they might need it but they don’t know about it. Your store is your powerhouse to maximize sales.

You can only run a successful in-store messaging if you know your customers.

At we assist retailers to know their customers to plan for a successful in-store messaging. To learn more on how to get it integrated watch  glimpse explainer video.


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