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Why a Unique Shopper Profile is Important for Your Retail Store

Think about your retail store. How well can you track the behavior of your customers using their gender and age? Do you change the displays of your windows to maximize footfalls? If yes, how often? Would you prefer displays on dynamic media with instant targets on individual shoppers as they view the displays?

Glimpse analytics shoppers profile solution will provide you with the ultimate tool to analyze the trends and behavior of the shoppers in your retail store using face recognition technology.

The facial recognition technology logs a shopper’s facial patterns as they look at a given product and logs the data to create a demographic profile of the customer using their gender and age.

What is a shopper profile and how does it work?

A shopper profile is a technology used to detect visitors to a retail store using video sensors to analyze the facial features of a shopper to determine their age and gender.

The shopper profile provides other important details like determining the number of individuals walking through a display and the ratio that stopped to look at the display. It also provides the average length of impressions (dwell times) that customers spent in front of the display. A shopper profile counts the audience to provide data about the number of people who viewed the areas the retailer is analyzing.

What can a unique shopper profile tell you and do for your business?

Segmenting the profiles of your shoppers will help you implement strategies that will improve the experiences of your shoppers by attracting and keeping them engaged. A unique shopper profile will help you use customer demographics to provide the right in-store product mix, match your staff with the customer visiting your retail shop, and improve the displays in your retail store to suit the demographics of your customers.

The profile will tell you the age and the gender of the shopper viewing various products. It will give you insights on the dwell times for female and male shoppers, and provide a comparison of the viewing time on an item on display between men and women.

Would you like a demo on how this works? Glimpse analytics can help you create unique shoppers profiles for your retail store.

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