Customer Analytics, Dwell Time

Understanding Dwell Time in Retail

Customer experience is always important in the retail industry. Driving customer satisfaction and increasing store profitability is now crucial. Improving dwell time and customer satisfaction will push more products into the shopping cart and increase business revenues.

Dwell time analytics is the metric that helps retailers measure the duration customers spend navigating particular areas of the store. It is a measure of customer engagement with products whose presentation can entice the customers to purchase.

Customers are highly likely to make a purchase when they spend more time engaging with a brand. Understanding the key zones and prime locations can let retailers push key products to ensure maximum visibility to customers.

Dwell time lets retailers see the precise location of customers in their stores and the duration they spend staring at or examining a particular good. With such insights, the retailer can make informed decisions on the layout of the store, the deployment of staff, promotions, and merchandising.

Making assumptions about dwell time does not guarantee an increase in sales; having facts does.

Dwell time analytics lets retailers gain a comprehensive insight of the buying habits of consumers in specific areas of the retail store. Retailers can use dwell time analytics to optimize the displays of their products throughout their store to increase easy access of the products by customers to increase the chances of purchase.

Measuring dwell time in specific zones can help storeowners to determine the returns on investment whenever they launch a new product. Dwell time analytics helps retailers to understand the departments that attract most of their customers and optimize the layout of their store.

It is not obvious that customers staying at one spot are staring at an attractive product; they might be looking for help. Customers staying at one place for long for lack of help might create a negative impression.

The insights from the dwell time that customers spend navigating specific zones of items on the shelves can help retailers to maximize the productivity of their workforce throughout all sections of the store.

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