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How to Use Heatmaps to Increase Conversion Rates

Heatmap technology helps retailers to get key data on customers’ prospective purchases and actual purchases. The technology keeps track of the items that customer like when they visit a retail store, keeps track of the items they ignore, and identifies the sections within the store with the most traffic.

Retailers can optimize the design and the layout of their stores using key information from in-store health mapping. With heatmapping technology, retailers can differentiate between cheap versus expensive merchandise and popular versus unpopular places in the store.

Heatmaps makes it easy for retailers to know what the customers want when they visit their stores.

The psychology of customers touching a product in a retail outlet increases the chances of a customer purchasing that product.

One of the major problems that retailers face is pricing. Heatmaps help solve this issue by providing retailers with key information because high prices can be a reason customers touch products without purchasing.

Retailers can use the following ways to increase conversion rates in their stores:

Pinpoint dead zones: Heatmaps can show the level of engagement in various areas within the store. High activity implies higher shopper engagement; low activity implies low shopper engagement. Retailers can find out reasons for the low engagements and create visible solutions.

Measure customer interest in display promotions: Heatmaps provide retailers with fact insights to help in improving store operations and marketing to optimize shopper experiences. Retailers can find out whether they are using the best strategies for promotional displays and make necessary adjustments.

Maximize resources: It is easier for retailers to maximize resources using heatmaps data. Heatmaps help find the density of the shoppers’ activities. For instance, heatmaps can help identify areas with more concentration of shoppers’ activities within the store and send staff members to assist the customers as necessary.

Heatmap analytics is a crucial tool in retail stores that helps to actualize the potential of a store.

Adopting heatmap analytics technology into store operations eliminates instances of guesswork providing factual data that will help in the growth of a retail store. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can take your business to the next level by implementing a heatmap analytics solution in your retail store.

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