Customer Analytics, Store Paths

Engage shoppers with Enticing Store Paths

Creating store paths for customers is one of the most important decisions that retailers should carefully consider. Store paths are the paths that customers take as they navigate the retail store looking for items to purchase.

It is very important to create enticing store paths that can engage shoppers. Well-designed store paths makes the customer’s journey in the store easy.

The easy it is for customers to move within the store, the higher the probability of a satisfied customer experience.

When customers visit a store, some will walk straight in; some go to the left, and some to the right. Understanding these patterns will help retailers to organize their stores in a manner that will improve the shopping experience of their shoppers.

The first step towards creating ideal store paths starts with understanding the types of customers and their trends when they visit the store. Store path analytics data provides important information about shoppers such as gender, their age, and the direction they use most when they visit the retail store for shopping.

Understanding the age, gender, and shopping patterns of the customers in a retail store will assist retailers to arrange their stores in patterns favoring the diverse categories of classified shoppers. Retailers can ensure they stock products targeting the directions that particular shoppers use when the visit the stores.

Shoppers’ experience can improve when the customers find the products they like buying on the path that they commonly use whenever they visit the retail stores to shop. It would also be easier for the retailers to align their in-store promotional designs along the path of target buyers use to increase the chances of the customers making a purchase via improved product visibility to the target customer segment.

With facial recognition technology retailers can check the paths that users in their stores take, get important insights about their gender and age and optimize the layout of the store to ensure a higher customer experience that will increase the chances of increased purchases.

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